Thinking of Selling?

When selling what is arguably the most precious thing you'll ever own, we understand the importance of the entire sales process from how we photograph and market your home to how we deal with your potential buyers and solicitors, It simply isn't enough to put a Sold board up, our job isn't complete until your funds are where you want them!

We can point you in the direction of a Financial Advisor that we work closely with. Dwello Mortgages are all about working sharper, thinking smarter and digging deeper for you - and in this current market who can ask for more than that? Ask us for more information.

We are a small team who will work hand in hand with you to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish and we pride ourselves on being on hand to assist when and where the time arises, having a close and special relationship with Fodens Solicitors and other local Solicitors, we are on hand to keep a close eye on your transaction every step of the way.

Foden Property issue the Memorandum of Sale notifying both Solicitors of the sale.

Having received formal instructions your solicitor will send you property information forms relating to the property you are selling. Once returned, the conveyancing process begins.

Confirm that draft contracts have been issued.

Confirm the buyers solicitor has received the draft contracts and applied for searches.

Make sure all outstanding queries are dealt with - start to negotiate completion.

Check all information has now been received, are the solicitors ready to report to their client? Now heading towards exchange of contracts - start negotiating the completion date.

Exchange of contracts - the sale is legally bound and the completion date is set.


Is there anything I can do to help to sell my home?


  • De-clutter - you need to showcase the accommodation on offer, make sure that a potential buyer can clearly see the property
  • Remove excess furniture - too much furniture can make even the largest rooms look small
  • Remember potential buyers are 'aspirational' not only are they looking at the bricks and mortar of your home, they are looking to see whether it would suit either the lifestyle they have or the lifestyle they aspire to have - present your home with this in mind, dress each room to best display its function.
  • If there are small DIY jobs that need doing, do them, same with any decorating jobs you've been putting off - buyers do not always have the imagination to see past minor repairs or updating, instead they foresee additional cost and effort.
  • If you smoke, try to keep the property smelling fresh by smoking outside whilst you are marketing your home.
  • Pets - put any litter trays and pet beds either outside, in the garage or out of the way somewhere, animal smells can be off putting to some buyers.


  • Forget the curb appeal of your property, make sure all external areas are clean, neat and tidy.
  • Undertake big projects in order to sell. Replacing kitchens and bathrooms may potentially improve the saleability of your home, but may cost you more than you gain, not to mention the disruption and inconvenience. If there are big jobs that need doing they will be taken into consideration when the asking price is discussed with you.
  • Ignore viewing feedback, if there is a reoccurring point raised from the feedback then you may need to think about ways to overcome the issue.
  • Be afraid to call us and ask for help and advice, we can offer you the benefit of our experience and knowledge or sometimes we just make a good sounding board.
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