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At the start of the New Year, it becomes a very busy time for both the selling and purchasing of properties as well as the letting and renting of properties. With the new year, the ‘New Year, new start’ mentality means that many people are looking to rent properties and it is therefore important to find a letting agency that can help you select the right property for you as well as be able to offer you in-depth advice on how to let a property in this very busy period. In this article, we will discuss why the first few months after Christmas are so busy and offer advice on how you can let a property through us in this very busy period. If you are looking for letting agents in Telford or if you are looking for a letting agency in Telford then be sure to contact Foden Property today or give us a call on: 01952 632 140

Well it certainly appears that the festive period is upon us!  Time spent together as families often provides the time to talk and make decisions for the future.  Sometimes this involves moving house, but how do you know that you're ready to make such a big change?  My (too) many years experience at seeing potential Sellers has taught me that once the decision is made homeowners start to 'fall out of love' with their homes - psychologists would probably say this is some kind of defence mechanism, but if you are at a point where the quirks of your home are suddenly causing you irritation or there are bits that you know need doing but you are struggling to muster the inclination to do them, then it's probably time. Your home is usually your biggest financial asset, but it also usually an emotional purchase, and is therefore also an emotional sale!

Shock as sales to buy-to-let landlords are decimated by nearly 65% in a year

While this may have been exactly what former Chancellor George Osborne intended, the statistic from haart’s own figures looks unexpectedly stark.

The firm also says that the number of landlords registering to buy properties is down 59.2%.

Overall, house sales measured by haart at exchange were 22.4% lower last month than in November a year ago.

Across England and Wales, haart calculates there were 47,279 house sales in November, a monthly drop of 3.6%.

Paul Smith, CEO of haart, said: “The scale of decline in buy-to-let in just 12 months is deeply worrying.

“Landlords have clearly pulled out of the market and are unlikely to return any time soon.

“However, this is entirely the result of government policy, with Theresa May now picking up George Osborne’s baton and proceeding to bash landlords with renewed vigour. The end of tax relief on mortgages, the 3% Stamp Duty surcharge, strict new lending criteria, and now a ban on tenant letting fees that will see the costs passed on to owners.

“The Government’s attack on investors adds up to a ‘war on landlords’ and a buy-to-let market crippled by tax hikes and unnecessary regulation.

“The effect has been to more than halve the number of buy-to-let sales in England and Wales, and the inevitable consequence will be fewer properties available to renters next year and higher rents.”

He went on: “The Government is making a conscious decision to put landlords on the block for a property market that isn’t working for first-time buyers or Generation Rent.

“However, rather than chasing investors out of the market altogether, a better solution would be to channel their cash into house building and increasing the supply of rental properties.

“Tenants are stuck in an intensely competitive market where rents are often more expensive than mortgages, because there are simply not enough properties available for lettings, and many landlords now have no choice but to pass the extra costs on to tenants.

“It is time for the Government to end this damaging ‘war on landlords’ and instead create a market that genuinely works for everyone.

“The Government is casting landlords as the pantomime villains of the property market, but we need a more grown-up and serious approach to policy-making, as well as a recognition of the contribution that landlords make.”

HELPING YOUR PROPERTY TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!  We are now able to offer FREE video tours when you put your property on the market with Foden Property - it comes as standard!  The video will show on our website, Rightmove and Zoopla - check it out

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