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Purchasing a Property in Telford

When looking to purchase a property, you could be thinking about a couple of main points. You may be concerned about the difficulties that are associated with the purchasing of a property or you may be put off by potential complications in the buying process. Our team is available to help you in finding a range of properties for sale that are ideal to your requirements as well as being more than happy to offer you advice about the purchasing process. We have an intricate knowledge of the Telford property market and have many different and diverse properties available for you to choose from. Purchasing a home is one of the most significant purchases that one will make in their lives and we understand this. We endeavour to offer you a professional and friendly service to ensure that you can purchase your dream property.

The Sale of Your Property in Telford

Our team can advise on all aspects of selling your property as we have helped many clients in the sale of their homes. Our extensive experience as estate agents also allows us to offer you relevant and comprehensive advice for all areas surrounding the sale of your home. We can offer advice in preparation for your valuation as well as advice on how to prepare your home for viewings and to ensure that your home looks fantastic to viewers. If you’re having difficulty with any aspect of selling your home then we have more than likely helped in a case similar to yours; so we can offer you advice regarding this. We offer realistic and honest advice with a free valuation service. This allows you to understand the value of your home as well as how to proceed with the sale of your home.

The Steps of Purchasing a Property

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Our August update to our blog focuses on the steps taken when purchasing a property.

Finding a reliable estate agent is of the utmost importance when looking to purchase or to sell a property. When looking to purchase a property, it’s vital to bear in mind that there is a specific set of steps taken before the final process of buying or selling the property. When selling your property, this usually takes the form of the initial valuation, selecting your estate agent & instructing a solicitor to presenting your property, marketing it and offering viewings. After you receive an offer which you agree on then an exchange of contracts can take place resulting in the purchasing of the property. This process can take a few months so it’s important to be in the know-how about every aspect and to be fully prepared. This can make the process a lot less stressful whilst helping you in the sale of your property. As when you are looking to purchase a property you are in a similar situation, without potentially having to present the property then this process may be less stressful. However, where exchanges occur; the steps in selling your property could be almost the same. This is why the team at Foden Property are more than happy to advise you in the purchasing or the sale of a property. Our team can use their wealth of experience to advise you on all of the steps to purchasing the property as well as offering advice throughout the process.

Deciding When to Purchase a Property

It’s also important to consider when you are going to purchase a property or to make your property available for purchase. The New Years period is always a busy time, with potential homeowners looking to start the New Year by purchasing a property. This means that you may want to think about when to sell your property, as there are pros and cons for marketing your property at this time. This also leads well into thinking about how fast you wish to make a sale. If you have a lot of time and are looking to finalise every detail then this may not be appropriate for certain buyers. If a potential buyer looks to be in a rush regarding the purchase then they may be impatient if you are not on their page for example. The same can be said if you are in a rush and find a buyer that wishes to bide their time regarding making decisions. Thinking about if a buyer is right for you is very important and can even aid in making a sale more smooth and less stressful. Here at Foden Property, we will also endeavour to find buyers that suit what you are looking for, as well as buyers that are matched to the property on our database. We also offer viewing feedback which can be invaluable in the selling process. If you receive similar discourse of feedback then you can actively make changes to rectify this. We can also advise you even in the most turbulent of transactions, whilst maintaining a professional and friendly approach. With our guidance and advice, you can be sure that we will help you in the marketing and sale of your property.

Buying A Property With an Estate Agent

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The September edition of our blog takes a closer look into buying or selling a property using an estate agent.

Buying or selling a property is a huge transaction which is extremely important to get right. With the choice to purchase privately or to use an estate agent, there are a few ways in which you can go about purchasing or selling a property. Using estate agents to purchase or sell a property is hugely important as you do not want to risk the uncertainties of purchasing or selling privately. An estate agent offers a wide range of properties suiting many preferences and requirements. Another reason as to why it’s a sensible idea to purchase a property through an estate agent is that they can suggest properties that are within your budget and suits your requirements. With the level of local knowledge that a local estate agent has to offer, they understand the area exceptionally well and will be able to offer you properties reflective of this information. Speaking to an estate agent offers a huge amount of properties to choose from also. This makes the process a lot easier than browsing through adverts and selecting a private seller. Private sellers also may not be as forthcoming about hidden issues or other aspects. Estate agents offer transparency to ensure that you know every detail about the property that you are looking to purchase. But how can an estate agent go that step further to helping you find your perfect property?

Estate Agents as Advisors & Representatives

Using an estate agent to organise the purchasing or selling of a property is not just limited to offering you a wide range of properties or selling services. An estate agent can also be used to inform you about all of the aspects that are required in terms of the buying process. As previously mentioned, the buying process catches up with the selling process at the later stages however the selling process will require a lot more preparation. Estate agents handle a lot of the difficult aspects for you so that you can focus on preparing the property for sale or for browsing the properties that are for sale. Furthermore, they can offer you support and guidance on every aspect of the buying and selling journey. Due to the fact that a property is such a significant investment, it can be a stressful time for all involved. Knowing that a lot of the process is being handled by experienced professionals can take some of the weight off of your shoulders to let you relax and enjoy the exciting prospect of buying or selling your property. Foden Property have served Telford and the surrounding areas for many years and our friendly team have helped many of our clients during the buying and selling process. We have a vast amount of knowledge to share with you whilst also offering you fresh and relevant advice throughout the entire process. So why not arrange to work with us today? Call our team of experts now on: 01952 632 140

Thoughts When Looking to Purchase a Property

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The October edition of our article takes an in-depth look at what you need to consider when viewing a property for sale.

When you are looking to purchase a property, there are likely a number of thoughts in your mind on what you are looking for and which types of property are idea to your requirements. There’s understandably a lot of  pitfalls associated with looking to purchase a property which you need to keep in mind when viewing and considering your next home. At first, it’s important to take time when looking to purchase a property for sale. You do not have to view a property once and it’s often advised to visit the property two to three times at different times before making your decision. This allows you to visit the property at different times such as in the morning, at rush hour and in the evening. This allows you to work out if you are living in a busy area or if you are underneath a busy flight route for example. Should you decide that it’s quiet enough during these times then it’s also important to consider the area that the property is located in. Are you next to a busy street, takeaway or nightclub? These areas can be particularly loud and rowdy in the early hours of the morning on the weekend so it’s important to consider the area before rushing to make a purchase. Once you have considered this you’ll need to have a serious check for a lot of things when viewing the property.

Ensure That You Thoroughly Check the Property

When viewing the property, it’s important to carry out extensive checks and not just take a look around. This can range from checking light switches to water points and water pressure. You need not necessarily be put off by problems that need to be fixed as these can be used to negotiate on price should these repairs cost a substantial amount of money or there is a long list of repairs that need to be carried out. Checking for mould is important as mould can be painted over to hide the damage. Mould can be hidden but the musky smell is harder to hide so ensure that you check that there are no obvious signs of mould around the property. It’s also a sensible idea to check the neighborhood and to look at the condition of other houses. If they are well-kept then this indicates that the street is in good order. If houses are run-down and are in disrepair then this can indicate issues that may be being hidden in the house that you are not aware of so vigilance is key. When you are looking at rooms that are filled with smaller furniture, assess how much space you have available. This is also a great tip when looking at the kitchen area. Pretending that you are preparing a meal is a great way to see if you have enough space in the current kitchen to cook and prepare food.

Contact Our Expert Estate Agents in Telford

Should you be looking to purchase or sell a property then sometimes you just need a helping hand to advise you. Due to the fact that there are difficult areas of the buying and selling process, working with an estate agent is always beneficial. Whether you require advice from our team or require a team of experts to assist you; the team at Foden Property are ready and waiting to help you in the sale of your property. We are highly experienced and have helped many clients in Telford and the surrounding areas. If you feel that you need advice or an expert team to work with you then contact us today. If you are looking for estate agents in Telford or a property for sale in Telford then visit Foden Property today or give our team a call on 01952 632 140

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