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Preparing Your Property for Viewing

When looking to sell your home, it is important to showcase your home to potential buyers. When preparing for the sale of your home then you may a have a lot of objects that you are finding that you are not using, or are not necessary for the showcase. These items can be stored in storage or given to a friend to look after. Carrying out this de-cluttering makes rooms appear to be bigger and brings a sense of clarity to your home. When potential buyers come and visit your home, they are envisioning the lifestyle that they can live in your home as well as the home that they will be buying. You can do this by highlighting areas of a room such as a fireplace and by depersonalising the home from you (by removing family pictures for example) It’s important to carry out extensive spring cleaning of your home but your kitchen is the area that you may wish to consider working on the most. This may include minor changes such as replacing cabinet handles and try and make all of the surfaces, handles, appliances and cupboards spotless. Making coffee can also create a nice smell in your kitchen and removing odours around the home is also very important. This includes smoking outside if you are a smoker or cleaning drainage, pipes, and other areas.

Preparation for Viewings & Potential Buyers From the Outside

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Our August edition of our blog on preparing your property for sale takes an in-depth look into why preparation for viewings is important

First impressions are arguably a very important aspect of life but they couldn’t be more important when looking to market and sell your property. It’s also important to take a step back and consider what the viewer will appreciate rather than what you see. Taking a moment to be critical and to evaluate everything could be the difference between making or losing a sale. You can do this by comparing your house to the other houses in your road. If these properties are looking better than yours then you may wish to consider some paintwork or some minor adjustments to the property. These kinds of adaptations are a fast and cheap way to market your home to potential buyers. You can also go a step further and prepare the garden area. This does not have to be a major project but moving the lawn and removing weeds with weedkiller is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere upon the visitation. You may also have paving stones that need repairs which can also be repaired to bring a sense of clarity to your home. It’s always important to remember that the people viewing your property are imagining themselves living there and will, therefore, enjoy a uniform, repaired outside to the property.

Preparing the Inside of your Property

A spotless kitchen will put a messy one to shame so it’s highly important to ensure that the kitchen is spotless as previously discussed. If you’ve already made your kitchen spotless, you can make sure that no appliances are running when the potential viewers arrive. Don’t invest in a new kitchen to sell your current property as you can use this money elsewhere, such as in your new property. You can paint the cabinets of your kitchen or have new handles installed which can make your kitchen look modern and interesting. The other advantage of this is that it does not cost a lot to do this. The living room is one of the most important areas, especially to show off to potential buyers. This should be inviting, clean and uncluttered so that the potential buyers can get a feel for the living area within their potential new home. Although your pets may be still around the property, it’s important to remove them and to air out rooms with fragrances to freshen the air. Some may not like pets and this could put them off from wanting to buy the property. You should look to find a place for your pets to be taken whilst you are transitioning to the next property, preferably in a familiar setting. Ensure that you remove all animal hair, toys, and bedding from the property when the viewings are taking place. Replacing images of your family with more neutral images is also a good way to allow your viewers to imagine themselves living in the property. This is a powerful way to convince an individual or family to purchase your property.

Valuation & Selling Your Property With Foden Property

Here at Foden Property, we can advise you on all aspects of selling your property if you need any more tips or advice. Our service covers the initial valuation all the way until the day of moving. Our highly experienced team have the expertise and knowledge to help you through even the most difficult of transactions with a friendly, professional approach. We are more than happy to advise you on the viewing of your property as well as preparation for the valuation process. This can include offering you advice on preparing your home for sale as well as informing you about viewing feedback. You can always call our team who are always available to offer you the benefits of their experience and knowledge of selling a property with their knowledge of the Telford house market.

Tips on Marketing & Presenting Your Home

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The October edition of our blog offers some valuable tips on how to market and present your home.

In the previous edition of our blog, we had a look at how you can prepare your property for viewings as well as have your property valued through Foden Property to begin the selling process. Working with an estate agent is the first major tip than can help in marketing your home. Estate agents offer much more than just marketing your property online or in the window of their headquarters. They will also utilise the extensive database of potential buyers and match these to your home. This brings individuals who are looking for the type of home that you are offering and should, therefore, drive potential buyers that are very much more interested than an individual or a family who is just looking to purchase a property. From starting the sales process utilising an estate agent, you will thus begin to have viewings organised in which potential buyers will see your home from the out and inside. Keeping our previous advice in mind, the presentation and preparation of your home are highly important. There are also other ways that you can prepare your home which may not be as apparent as you think. Although some ways to prepare your home may be extensive and take a lot of time, the results are extremely worthwhile in the long run, especially when looking to sell your home for the maximum amount that it is worth.

Tips To Prepare Your Home You May Not Know About

Extensive re-designs or projects such as installing a new kitchen before you sell your home are recommended to be avoided. This is mainly due to the fact that potential buyers may want to install their own kitchen and will be reluctant to remove a new one to install their own personalised kitchen. This does not mean that you should avoid all types of renovations or re-designs. Carrying out changes that make your property more neutral to buyers such as painting the walls white take an extensive amount of time but changes like this can massively help during the viewing stage of selling. Similarly, with repairs that you have perhaps avoided whilst living within the property, you will need to identify all of these and ensure that they are repaired. This can range from cracked tiles to other areas such as old sealant, fixing or replacing parts of carpets that have become damaged over time or dripping faucets. Similarly, with visible areas such as your front door, ensure that this are freshly painted. You can also make sure that your drive is fully maintained and you can even plant additional plants in your drive to make it seem more appealing to your prospective buyers. Remember that it’s all about impressing them as well as providing them with a house that they can visualise themselves living in. If you manage to achieve this then you can definitely expect offers from visitations.

Preparing for the Busy Season Ahead

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The November edition of our blog advises you on preparing for one of the busiest times of the year in the property market.

Is it too early to mention the New Year? Although it seems a while away, it’s important to prepare for the busy times that are ahead. Marketing your property in the New Year has many benefits due to the fact that it’s a very busy time. Potential buyers often look towards the New Year with optimism and a sense of wanting to move into the New Year with a new mindset. Although some may be selecting their New Years resolutions with a hint of optimism, others will definitely be looking to purchase a property and start the next step in their lives. This is a time in which you can market your property in which there is potentially no end to offers that can come through but we wary. These offers can come fast which allows plenty of offers to come in but there could be a fast turnaround on offers which can increase the stress of marketing and selling your home. This makes a great time to market your property more difficult which is why it’s very much recommended to put some thought and preparation into selling your home before this busy period. If you’re already considering marketing your home during this time then you may have already considered how to prepare your home quickly. If you have not then you may wish to find out more about preparing to market your home for the New Year.

How Can You Prepare For The New Year

As previously mentioned in the previous updates in our blog, there are a few ways in which you can quickly prepare to sell your home. You can do this by carrying out fast and effective fixes such as fixing leaky taps and adding fresh layers of paint to your property. The first step is to find an estate agent and to, therefore, work with Foden Property. An estate agent offers you an array of services, from marketing your home to matching potential homeowners on their database, which can massively help in the marketing and selling of your property. This is extremely important during the New Year as this can alleviate the stress of the increased offers and interest in properties over the New Year. You can also ensure that you have everything prepared for when you start to market your property. This can range from cleaning clutter out of your home by putting it in a storage facility. You can also look to prepare your property for viewings in a variety of ways. Re-arranging furniture or considering where to move your furniture is another way in which you can use the time that you have available to you before the New Year arrives. This allows you to visualise the space in which you are going to present your home with as well as how you can ensure that your property is ready for viewings when the time comes to market and arrange for the sale of your property.

Take our Preparing Houses For Sale Advice

When preparing houses for sale, it’s important to consider the presentation of your home as well as how you can prepare your property for sale. There are a variety of processes that you can carry out to prepare for this and we are always ready to help you if you require this. Selling your home should not have to be a difficult process but with the use of our advice and the guidance of our team; we will endeavour to aid in the sale of your property. If you are looking for estate agents in Telford or if you are interested in houses for sale in Telford then visit Foden Property today or give us a call now on: 01952 632 140

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