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The Establishment of Our Telford Branch

Originally starting with an office in Newport, Shropshire; our directors saw the opportunity to serve the Telford area by opening our Telford branch. Ever since this event, our team has grown from 2 to 4 members, arranging sales of properties and lettings of properties for our clients. Our branch in Telford has gone from success to success and this saw our branch become the head office. This reputation not only helps potential clients to work with us to find their new property, the vast amount of experience that this success has bestowed on us results in us being able to help you find your ideal property. This has allowed us to continue to offer advice to our clients on selling or letting their properties as well as guidance in purchasing and letting properties.

How We Can Help You Find Your Ideal Property

When looking for estate agents services, you will most likely be looking for an honest and comprehensive service. You may be worried about issues such as not being offered honest advice and guidance when looking to sell or let a property. We offer realistic and honest advice and offer a free market appraisal service so that you can be offered the best advice should you be looking to sell or let your property. This will give you the peace of mind that you deserve when looking to sell or let your property and this makes the process a lot smoother and stress-free. Should you be looking to purchase or rent a home, we offer a registration service which allows you to receive regular updates regarding our latest properties available, matched to your requirements. This will allow you to see properties available to purchase or rent which are suited to what you are looking for. Our services are designed to reduce the stress as we understand that it can be stressful when looking to purchase or sell a property.

Why Should You Use an Estate Agent?

Estate Agents Online Telford

The September edition of our estate agent blog investigates why you should consider using an Estate Agent

A question that is often raised by potential home buyers and sellers is “why do I need an estate agent?” There’s many reasons as to why using an estate agent is a very sensible move as well as making the selling or buying process a lot more smooth. The knowledge of the local market that an estate agent has to offer is undoubtedly a powerful tool that your estate agent has to use. Knowledge of the market allows for the correct and more importantly accurate valuation of your property. This also extends to the presentation of your property, as local estate agents will know how to market your property to the local market. The marketing abilities that an estate agent has to offer is very beneficial in the sale of your property. Once your property is agreed to be put up for sale with Foden Property for example, it is marketed on the internet as well as being matched to potential buyers on our database. Using a database full of potential buyers ensures that there is interest in your property generated from the get-go, which in turn leads to viewings looking to sell your property. Combining these marketing aspects and local knowledge, working with Foden Property to sell your property lets you market your home to well matched potential buyers as well as offering the in-depth knowledge of our team and their knowledge of the local property market.

The Support That Estate Agents Can Offer

The marketing side is a great way to market your property but it does not fully reduce the stress that can be associated with selling your home. There are a range of supportive services that your estate agent can offer which make the whole process a lot less stressful. Your estate agent can offer advice and guidance to you throughout the sales process. Not only can we offer you support, we can also offer advice regarding what may be hindering the sale of your property. This could be achieved by advising you on how to present the property or just to give you some general advice on any aspect of selling your property. Managing and organising viewings is another key service that an estate agent provides for you. The viewings can be conducted and valuable feedback will be fed back to you. This is valuable as you will be able to adapt and integrate this feedback into the presentation of your property. The negotiation process will also be handled by the estate agent. This removes the need for you to negotiate directly with the buyers and have an experienced negotiator carry out this for you. All in all, there’s a great deal of benefit to choosing Foden Property as your estate agents. Our team are highly experienced and have a huge amount of knowledge regarding the property market of Telford and the surrounding areas. Should you be looking for an estate agent in Telford then contact our team today on: 01952 632 140

Additional Estate Agent Services

Local Estate Agents Telford

The November edition of our blog looks into the additional services that are offered by an estate agent.

In the previous updates of our article, we investigated the benefits that you can expect to receive when working with an experienced estate agent. There are also other roles that your estate agent can partake in, most notably the valuation of your property. As you are now coming up to the run-up to Christmas and the New Year, working with an estate agent allows you to have a valuation calculated before you start to look at marketing and selling your property. With the range of valuation and marketing services that an estate agent has to offer, they are well equipped to help you sell your property; especially during the busy times that are approaching. As previously discussed, Foden Property understands the property market in Telford and the surrounding areas and also have access to a large database of potential buyers. The legal knowledge and expertise that is available is also a great service that is offered by your estate agent. Understanding all of the legal implications involved in selling your property is a great service to offer and it ensures that you have are supported during the stressful process of marketing your property. As selling your property is one of the largest assets that you can own, it’s also important to have the peace of mind that you have a team of experienced professionals helping you with the marketing and sale of your property.

Using an Estate Agent to For Marketing

Marketing and presenting your property is another way in which an estate agent directly helps in the sale of your property. As estate agents have a great amount of experience available, they can help to prepare your property for sale as well as carrying out the actual marketing process. Online marketing and physically marketing a property is an extremely effective way of selling your property as well as letting potential buyers know that your property is for sale. Estate agents also know how to sell your property, which is an acquired skill itself. They understand the ways to ensure that ensure the ease of selling your property as well as with the marketing process. This can range from staging the home for viewings to advising on minor fixes that can be carried out on your property to help in the sales process. When working with Foden Property, we will work with you from the start of the process of selling your property right until the end of the process. Starting with the valuation to negotiating the final price and arranging the sale of your property. With all of the services that we can offer you, there’s really no better alternative than selling your home through Foden Property. Our knowledge of the Telford property market, as well as our in-depth legal knowledge, will ensure that you can sell your property and be fully supported in the process. Enquire with our team today to find out how we can assist you to market and sell your property.

Contact Foden Property for Estate Agents in Telford

Our branch from Telford has gone from strength to strength in the first 3 years of its establishment and our expert team are here to advise and help you to find your ideal property, whether you be buying selling or letting. We are here to help you and to offer our comprehensive knowledge of the property market to you in a clear fashion. We also pride ourselves on the honesty of our advice that we offer when you are looking to sell or purchase your property and we would very much like to extend our services to you. If you are looking for trusted estate agents in Telford or if you are looking for estate agents in Telford then be sure to contact Foden Property today or give us a call on: 01952 632 140

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